AFR National Energy Summit, 9-10 October 2017, Sofitel Wentworth Sydney

The Australian Financial Review is pleased to announce our inaugural National Energy Summit, designed to find a political and industry consensus on the way out of Australia’s gathering energy crisis.

While becoming one of the world’s biggest energy exporters, a decade of political division over climate change policy has undermined Australia’s traditional competitive advantage in cheap power generated from fossil fuels. A national carbon pricing scheme was dismantled before it could become fully operational. Yet renewed increases in electricity and gas costs threaten energy-intensive processing industries.

The national electricity market has struggled to cope with the mandated expansion of Australia’s potentially rich supply of solar, wind and other renewable energy sources, threatening the stability of the grid and blackouts such as South Australia’s state-wide system failure in September 2016. Technological disruption could destabilise the grid further or help it to accommodate more dispersed power sources.

At The Australian Financial Review Business Summit in March, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull declared a national energy crisis, prompted by looming shortages of gas amid the expansion of LNG exports from Queensland and state government environmental restrictions on gas development, particularly in NSW and Victoria.

You can read more about the event HERE


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