South Australia teams with Tesla, Neoen to build world’s biggest battery

Following on from earlier this year when the South Australian State Government stated it’s intention to install up to 100MW of battery storage onto it’s grids it has been announced that Tesla and Neoen are to build that 100MW/129MWh of storage at the Hornsdale Wind Farm.

The joint venture between Tesla and Neoen will be known as the Hornsdale Power Reserve and will become SA’s largest renewable generator in the state.

In September 2016 South Australia suffered from an almost entire state wide blackout due to severe storms damaging power transmission lines across the state. In the aftermath of the storm the SA Government stated that it would look for solutions to prevent blackouts from happening again.

Will the gamble pay off?

It is understood that the 100 day clause for Tesla to have the battery storage operational from the day of the contract being signed or else it is free for South Australia has been included into the contract on Musk’s insistence.

Of course having access to the worlds largest lithium ion producing battery factory dubbed the ‘Gigafactory’ which is expected to be producing 50GWh of storage by the end of 2018 is helpful when trying to win this bet.


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