Future the keyword of the first day of the AFR Infrastructure Summit

The main word on the lips of visitors and speakers to the first day of Informa’s AFR Infrastructure Summit in Sydney was ‘Future’. Future transport, Future Mobility, Future Cities, Infrastructure in Australia is a forward looking industry and given the number of MP’s speaking at this event it is clear that it is not only the private sector that see the benefits of Infrastructure.

With seemingly half of the Infrastructure sector turning out for the day many of the topics covered where aspirational, with the industry seeking answers to many difficult questions and more often than not no consensus being found as to the right approach.

With Australia currently in an infrastructure spending boom the balance between Federal Government, State Government, Local Government and the private sector spending can be seen to be played out in the topics covered and questions asked.

One area of noticeable discussion and agreement was that of data capture & integration. The ability of businesses to capture huge amounts of actionable data now enables them to make decisions that previously where unknown unknowns. This ability unlocks new potential and new avenues for businesses to explore.


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