Western Harbour Tunnel and Beaches Link motorway needed for future

According to Infrastructure Partnerships Australia the western harbour tunnel and beaches link motorways are fundamental to Sydney’s transport and logical next steps

“The cold reality is that Sydney needs the motorways and metros that will keep the city moving with 8 million people, including on the under-serviced Northern Beaches corridor,” said Chief Executive Brendan Lyon.

“The Western Harbour Tunnel and Beaches Link motorways would be the biggest change on the Northern Beaches since the Spit Bridge opened in the 1920s, and are badly needed.

“The Northern Beaches and Lower North Shore see some of Sydney’s heaviest weekday and weekend congestion, so these motorways are needed and are logical candidates to follow the WestConnex motorways.

 “Leaked government planning documents make for easy headlines, but few would argue that the road network in Sydney’s Northern Beaches is suitable even for current traffic levels.

“Sydney will need the Western Harbour Tunnel and Beaches Link projects, as we will need the F6 in the south and it’s great to see NSW move ahead with planning these next motorways, while we also expand metro rail.”


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