Storm damages transmission network

The entire state of South Australia has been plunged into darkness after parts of the Electranet transmission network has been damaged in a once in 50 year storm. Electranet and the Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO) are currently working together to implement black start procedures and restore power supply, as soon as possible. It is currently unknown as to when power will be restored.

Massive price surge

In July of this year SA suffered from a massive price spike incident in which the price of electricity rose to $9000 M/WH at 19.30 PM but at that time the rise in prices was attributed to number of factors such as a lack of wind, the time of day, and an interconnector being out of service. AEMO has declared the spot market suspended in the South Australian region.

Network Repair

SA Power Networks has said that it will progressively restore supply once transmission supply is restored but that it may not be safe to restore power lines if they have been damaged in the current weather event and that this will delay restoration for some customers.


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